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Faustine Steinmetz Couture Jeans

“There are these jeans 501, forgot in your dad’s wardrobe, except they are handyed, handspun and handwoven. And what about that tracksuit you wore when you were fifteen? It is made of 100% handwoven wool.”

In January this year the Faustine Steinmetz label was, well, a pair of jeans. A remake of a classic Levis 501, to be exact, made out of hand-woven mohair, hand-everything really, sourced, dyed and spun. Faustine was still working on her portfolio after graduating from CSM MA Print when the almighty word of mouth reached stylist Robbie Spencer who asked to shoot those jeans for Dazed & Confused. “When I saw he liked it I thought okay maybe I should give it a go, its my dream after all.”

Faustine works around the theme of iconic pieces, the kinds that everybody has or has had in their wardrobe, like the 501 jeans I am wearing while writing this interview or the classic Eastpak bag shape. She likes it when things are not what they seem to be. The current 10-piece collection includes mohair jeans and “denim” mohair jackets, a bomber, merino t-shirts and a reproduction of a classic Sergio Tacchini tracksuit in hand-woven English wool. 

“I am really pissed off at fashion. Everyone is copying the other and it’s an industry where it’s totally fine to just take from each other and in the end nothing seems new and original. It’s always about ego and it’s never about whether you do have something to say. Even with me, sometimes I have a great idea like today when I was dip dying and I was like woaaah it looks nice but for me nice is never a reason to pursue it. I discard most of my ideas cause they don’t mean anything.

I am not interested in the fashion part or in making nice garments but in the craft, into good beautiful objects that have a nice touch and good finish and you can feel that someone really took care while doing it. I guess I’m more like a grandma that is knitting for her grandchildren.”

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BY Rozalina Burkova

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